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Rotary Label Printing Machine

This machine is used for all kinds of belt materials. Such as satin tape, ribbon tape, fashion trademark, cloth trademark .rubber tape. Woven label, elastic band Paper tape and etc.

Main Technical Parameters

Model JS-1061B JS-1041B JS-1041B
Printing Area (mm) L×W 394×100mm 394×100mm 394×100mm
Printing Speed (rpm) 150 150 150
Clour 7 (6+1,5+2,4+3,) 6 (5+1, 4+2) 4 (3+1, 2+2)
Power 220V, 2kw 220V, 2kw 800
Weight (kg) 950 900 1.76×1.74×1.65
Dimension(m) 2×0.78×1.65 1.6×0.78×1.65 1.4×0.78×1.65
Origin China China China

Feature of high-speed rotary label printing machine:

1) Extensive printing scope: small label in shirt, some clothes etc, such as satin tape, polyester tape, woven tape, paper tape, adhesive tape, elastic band.
2) High-speed printing: can print 3600m, every hour; be equal to eight times of platen ribbon press.  Can economize time and man power.
3) Fine printing results: Make use of round-press-round koshers printing principle to print solid and immature type face dependable smooth and limpid, several colors still keep accurate and perfect effects in quick and slow speed at the same.
4) Easy to operate: A common studier should be trained only for three day and can control on his own , including plate correction, dyeing, adding and collecting materials, speeding up and down.


1) The crank connecting-rod wavers structure is adopted for large and equal ink quantity.
2) The machine has low noise for the automatic lubricating equipment.
3) You can print double sides at the same time.
4)High printing speed,image and character clearly and beautifully.

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