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OPP Gum Tape Slitting machine


This machine is applicable for BOPP and stationary tape slitting. With essay operation this machine have central controlling system. Equipped with industrial blade and arc shaft.

Main Technical Parameters

Model FD1200
Width of Jumbo Roll (mm) 500/100/1300/1600
|Max Rewinding Diameter 120mm
|Dia Of Jumbo Roll (mm) Ø600
Minimum Slitting Width (mm) 12
In side paper core diameter (mm) 25/38/76
Speed Speed: (m/min) 0-180
Main Motor Power HP 5
Machine Weight (kg) 2000

Core Loader Load & Un-loader

Setting Width (mm) 12-500
|Paper Core Diameter (mm) 76
Paper Tube Thickness (mm) 03-05
Air pressure (kg/cm2) 5

Mini Re-winder

Max. Unwind Diameter (mm) 400
|Max. Rewind Diameter (MM) 300
Paper Tube  size  (mm) 76
Adjustable Speed (m/min) 0-100
Width Of Roll 150

Mini Re-winder

Max Slitting Width (mm) 600
Min. Slitting Width (mm) 12
Paper Tube  size  (mm) 76
Main Motor HP 2
Air Pressure (kg/cm2) 150




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